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Complete Asset Protection

V-Log's electronic record keeping system allows you to keep the ADL on your own computer or company server, so that it is safe and secure. And, like any electronic file, print a paper copy on demand.

Absolute Peace of Mind

The ADL is a digital record of the aircraft’s maintenance history which can never be lost or damaged, and which can be viewed, researched, and shared electronically with others; but without the wear and tear of paper records.

Valuable Research Tool

With V-Log you can search electronically for any information contained in the entire aircraft record saving hours of valuable time researching manually.

Impressive Search Capabilities

No more searching through the paper records for hours; V-Log’s text searching capabilities allow you to search the entire aircraft record instantly. Results show where in the logbook the information was found and the associated logbook entry or document.


V-Log’s ADL is located on your computer and can be shared with others like any electronic document. The ADL can also be stored on a V-Log Secure Cloud Server (if desired).

Access Anytime Anywhere

Download the Viewer for free to see an ADL from your own computer when shared with you.

The Aviation Industry’s Premier Records Security and Logbook Management Tool

V-Log is the most complete and trusted records security and logbook management tool on the market.

We’re constantly striving to provide the aviation community with the tools needed to manage and protect the history of the aircraft and the valuable information contained in its logbooks. Check out these testimonials from a number of highly respected aviation professionals currently using V-Log.

What The Experts Say

“V-Log is peace of mind!”
Larry Hinebaugh, (Founder) V-Log
“V-Log’s Digital Logbook is a valuable tool that allows our inspectors to text search the aircraft’s records from the computer at their desks, instead of having to search the paper logbooks page by page. This saves valuable time when researching records for aircraft conformity and compliance. In my opinion, V-Log is just as vital to our 135 operation as the aircraft maintenance tracking programs we use.”
Dave Heredia, (Chief Inspector) Clay Lacy Aviation
“We manage aircraft based all over the world. To be able to have our Director of Maintenance see the aircraft records anytime he needs to from his desk in Scottsdale, or anywhere he may be traveling at the time, is invaluable and demonstrates our commitment to providing the best in aircraft management services.”
Cheryl Janke, (CEO) Prime Jet
“To have an electronic copy of the logbooks sent to the repair and overhaul facilities instead of the actual paper logbooks is priceless. For me to know that the logbooks are not in transit somewhere, out of my control, leaving me to hope that they are both returned and in good condition is an incredible burden off my shoulders.”
Adam Parnes, (Director of Maintenance) Jet Edge Aviation
“As an aircraft owner, I understand how important it is to protect the asset value of my aircraft. V-Log provides me with assurance that my flight department is caring for and protecting the aircraft’s logbooks with the same diligence that they care for and protect the aircraft itself.”
Jon Buccola, Aircraft Owner