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The V-Log Team

Larry Hinebaugh
Larry HinebaughFounder and CEO
Mr. Hinebaugh has over 35 years of aircraft maintenance experience and holds a valid A&P License. In working with companies and clients, Mr. Hinebaugh witnessed firsthand the financial ramifications to the aircraft owner when aircraft record information went missing. This sparked the development of software especially designed to back-up aircraft logbooks and records documentation. Mr. Hinebaugh is at the forefront of aircraft operations technology working with such clients as: General Dynamics, Boeing, Raytheon, ACI, Clay Lacy Aviation, and various IS-BAO certification authorities.

Before starting V-Log, Mr. Hinebaugh founded and operates Aviation Consulting Group (ACG). ACG is an international maintenance consulting company specializing in Completion Management, Aircraft Technical Appraisals, Maintenance Operations Audits and Maintenance Management and Supervision. Clients of ACG include: Gulfstream Aircraft Corp, Boeing Business Jets, Airbus, Lufthansa Consulting, Raytheon Services Corp., and Atlas Air.

Mark Leeper
Mark LeeperSr. Vice President / Business Development
Mr. Leeper joined V-Log in 2016, bringing with him more than 20 years of executive management experience and business development expertise accumulated in the aviation and medical industries.

Mr Leeper is the Founder and President of Seabright Company, a consulting firm serving the aviation industry since 2000. His valued customers include corporate flight departments, aviation insurance companies, flight training organizations and executive aircraft operators.

He is a licensed pilot with advanced upset recognition and recovery training in single and multi-engine jets. He is a member of the National Business Aviation Association, Arizona Business Aviation Association and a past board member of the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Safety Committee.

Chris Reisinger
Chris ReisingerVice President of Technology
Mr. Reisinger has decades of experience in software and systems development including technical documentation for aerospace and equipment manufacturers.

Mr. Reisinger directs and produces technical documentation computing systems for Digital Data capture and Management Systems for the production of Published Paper, CD’s and WEB applications. Mr. Reisinger is at the forefront of major systems development for GE Jet Engines, McDonald Douglas Aerospace, V-Log and others. It was during his tenure as the Vice President of Information Technology with GGS, Inc., one of the largest digital imaging companies in the world, which was instrumental in developing V-Log software.

Dee Baker
Dee BakerFinance Director
Ms. Baker is responsible for all accounting and administration functions at V-Log.

Ms. Baker brings over 20 years of finance and business administration from private and state run organizations.

Michael Jackson
Michael JacksonSenior IT Manager
Mr. Jackson provides Information Technology management, services, support and analysis to the V-Log team and our clients, and has over 25 years of Fortune 500 Corporate IT experience and a Bachelor of Science degree.

Mr. Jackson has extensive Enterprise Records Management experience and expertise, and previously supported over 19,000 clients. He also has several years of aviation-related records management maintenance and support experience, providing a broad skill-set and unique expertise to support electronic aircraft records management, as outlined in FAA Advisory Circular 120-78A.

William D. Johnston (Bill)
William D. Johnston (Bill)Aircraft Logbook Industry Advisor
Mr. Johnston has over 35 years of aircraft maintenance and modification experience and holds an A&P License with Inspection Authorization. Prior to joining V-Log, Mr. Johnston was a Manager of Aircraft Maintenance and Modifications and Quality Manager for Raytheon Flight Test. His experience includes responsibility of maintenance and certification of hybrid modifications outside normal type certification of corporate and transport category aircraft. He was also responsible for multiple FAA Repair Stations with FAA, DCMA and AS9100 certifications. Mr. Johnston served as the President of the Professional Aviation Association from 1984 to 1989, inspired by his commitment and dedication to aviation maintenance professionalism. He also served in many other aviation-related Board of Directors positions, and is currently the Vice President of the SoCal Chapter of PAMA.

Mr. Johnston provides training and guidance to industry personnel regarding FAA regulatory certification matters and especially record keeping. His passion and experience is helping guide the aviation maintenance community to safely secure records into the 21st Century.

Contact us to see how easy it is to maintain your aircraft's records with 21st Century technology using V-Log's Electronic Record Keeping System.

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